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I want to know about the illustration you use (in the left hand column) and also baout divorcing my husband. Uhm, do I have any rights to all the money he's been stashing away?


I'd like you to say more about two topics you mentioned in the letter to yourself 12 years from now...

On being a good auntie - what does it mean, why do you think it's so hard?

On your sailing ambitions.


I missed request day, but I was wondering if you could post about being mean. I'm noticing a tendency in myself to be mean to people that I think deserve it. And um, who am I to judge that? Or decide that their bad behavior justifies my own? Does this happen to you? Do you have to stop yourself from taking people down a little, or punishing them for some perceived misdeed? Wow. This is making me sound really bad. I'm only thinking in terms of, say, giving a girl a catty remark because she said somethign catty to me. I find it impossible to rise above. It's like: I can take her out; I feel justified in responding; so I do. And I dont' think I like that about myself...

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