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Quite an interesting post, which makes me wonder: How does one come up with a policy for dogs on the furniture? Were the rules set all at once or did they just evolve over time?

Why must you discriminate against dogs? Someday a doggie Rosa Parks will refuse to give up her seat and spark the fight for doggie rights.

obi wan kenobi

This... this made me laugh out loud, despite some heavy conversation going on nearby me. U R PHunny, with a capital PH, and smart.


I put this post in the "too much information" file


This made me wish the old dog could still jump, when now she does well to stand - leading to the "rug policy," which is essentially that the more perishable rugs are off limits unless and until there is probable cause to believe she won't mess them up.

The chocolate dog is allowed on the bed, but no toys, bones, or horseplay is allowed.
No balls are allowed in the house and no toys are allowed outside.
Never ever allowed in the front seat. No people food except popcorn.
Our rules evolved from lessons learned and silly nonsense to make sure they listen to the boss.


uh oh. our dog is permitted on the bed and may sleep there all night and if I run out of room for my legs, it's the husband who must find someplace else to sleep.
Dog is not allowed ever on the living room furniture but anytime unsupervised at will on the family room furniture. Dog frequently sleeps on dirty laundry.
Dog also goes quietly into crate as requested when guests are in danger of attack (dog is, after all, a scary pit bull.)


Dogs are permitted on the bed, but only on wife's side, and only on express invitation of wife after much whining and prodding with noses. Dogs need not ask husband for permission to get on his side of bed, because he will simply refer them to wife.

Dogs are permitted on the green couch at any time, although they must clear a human size space (reluctantly) when humans wish to watch television.

Dogs are not permitted on the white couch, even when humans are not home to monitor the situation. In light of this policy, any dog hair on the white couch must have gotten there accidentally when a dog was walking by the white couch.

I had never thought about our "policy" before, but plainly we have one.


When the rabbit lived with my roommate and me, she was allowed onto the off-white rug because it was never beautiful and only became increasingly off-white with time. She would get chased off the roommate's red Oriental rug, as the roommate only tolerated the bunny and occasionally threatened to turn her into stew. She was not allowed on the couch for a very good reason: she generally got onto the couch so she could pee on it. My law school housing director claims that the rabbit probably got the idea this was a litter area because the humans sat there for so long that presumably they were expelling bodily waste.

Since becoming my parents' substitute grandchild (due to the failure of their recalcitrant daughters to produce sons-in-law, much less offspring), the rabbit goes wherever she wants. Luckily she has no desire to go onto the slick floor of the foyer and family room, so she can't reach any of the nicest furniture nor my parents' room, but she has chewed a great deal of furnishing otherwise, from the rug in the sunroom to the black leather chair in the upstairs study. Last month she allegedly chewed through some sort of tubing and flooded the first floor.


Not allowed on the couch...I'm allowed everywhere across this country! Check me out...

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