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If this is about a guy you're thinking of getting involved with, stay away. There appears to be way too much baggage.


wow!!! that certainly is a track record of choosing poorly. I don't believe in such long strings of "bad luck." There must be a subtext that you have omitted, but which you asumed that we would infer. I share farber's assumption and agree with the proferred advice.


No, it's not anything like that. I was thinking about what fragments of information I knew and remembered about the previous girlfriend of different men I'd dated. In each case, this was the one who'd come before me. So the "you" is a different person each time. I was thinking about how sometimes I know a lot and sometimes I know a little and sometimes I don't know anything about these women who had preceded me.

I didn't give you any context; there's no reason you would have figured that out. The real context is that I bumped into one of these women -- the one who came before me -- at an event last week. And I talked to her and realized how once upon a time I'd felt like I was in her shadow and now she seemed like she might become a friend. It made me think about how sometimes I've imagined myths about these women and other times I haven't given them any thought at all. So I went through the list trying to think about what I knew about various 'priors'.


Ever heard the song "88 lines about 44 women?" When I first saw this post I thought it was a takeoff of that song.

the real trick would be to imagine yourself as the one who came before and come up with the one liners the ones who came after might remember about you.


I kind of like it without the context...it lets the mind wander and wonder. It also sets the stage for some great fiction writing; the narrator might be unreliable? Interesting. In any case, I love the second-person.


I came here from Bamber's place... and having a colorful past myself, I've learned -- late -- not to tell too many stories. My current wife doesn't need too many names and details; the general picture is plenty for her. Sometimes, men make the mistake of assuming that everyone else finds their personal romantic/sexual narrative intensely interesting -- and painless to listen to.


I like Hugo's advice.

I think I suspected the context, but I wasn't confident about it.

Earlier comments about the "run of bad luck" are amusing to me... because, assuming one is relatively monogamous, doesn't one only ever have one successful relationship? All others, by definition, would have somehow had something go wrong.


I too thought this was a take-off of "88 lines about 44 women"!

it is an interesting way to think about the people you know, especially those you date.

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