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I think you're right that running a marathon isn't the right thing now. That isn't to say it wouldn't be eventually, but not yet.

Goals, in general, are good. I like positive posts like this, especially from people like you who actually follow up.


I read on blindinsight's blog, she is training for a cross-country ski event, it looks interesting. Before her post, I hadn't heard of them.

I'm trying to get where I like running again too. Last year I ran a 1/2 marathon and it was awful, as I hadn't fully trained.

Now I'm just training for a 5K, and my goal is to get faster. I'm having more fun too.


I am no sort of cross-country skier, but I participated in a 10K race once just to compare it with running. It was beautiful, festive, and I worked really hard to finish in the rear third of the field. I think a 5K would have yielded most of the benefits and much less pain.


Indeed, Nicole beat me to it (so flattering to see my little blog mentioned over in these illustrious parts!). We will be skiing the 51K American Birkebeiner XC classic the last weekend in February. Steve has done it 10 or so times and is a fast, fast skate skier who skied for Michigan Tech. I am v. slow and while I am getting into skate, there's no way in hell I'll be skating the Birkie. There is also the 23K Kortelopet the same day, which I did last year and loved. It took me just over 3 hours skiing at a very slow pace on very slow skis, so I think that might be too easy for you.

E-mail me if you want to talk Birkie - it is quite the experience!


I think John Tarling is up on all the local X-country ski events.

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