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You're so pretty! Don't cut off your hair.

Al Wheeler

Why do you look so much younger now than in 2001?

some guy

The look in your eyes in the "now" picture says it all -- you look much happier, and as Al notices, much younger. I think that it's a sign that you're on the right track. I've read your blog for a while and want to tell you that you're an inspiration to me as I struggle with my own "what am I doing with my life" questions.
P.S.--You've got lovely hair. Don't chop it off!!


Oh, please don't cut your hair... you look so much younger and fresher now than in 2001.


Why do you want to cut it short again? (inquisitive, not accusatory)


The short hair looks great.


I like the short hair, myself. I think the looking younger has to do with your choices not with you coiffure :0)


You are obviously happier now than you were then, which is why you look younger. Have your hair however you like it - and keep smiling


It's hair, it'll grow back if you don't like it.

Right now I'm growing my hair long but I like it short sometimes too, change is good. Just remember, the cutting always happens faster than you'd imagine, "I didn't think it'd be THAT short" and the growing seems to take FOREVER!

Post photos of the new cut!


I'm always disincentivized from cutting my hair at this time of year by the cold weather. (TMI warning) Of course, I'm also disincentivized from shaving my legs. I figure there's no need to interfere with nature's way of keeping us warm.


Cut it and Cut it short.

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