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Bravo. This post proves your point.

We're all behind you.


Whew, writing sure does mean a lot to you. I'm beginning to understand something of that reality and I'm 54 years old. I have no or few writing models and was traumatized by criticism of one of my HS English/writing teachers and have spent my adult life laboring over the simplest writing tasks.

At one point I joined a writing group and did some adult ed classes and I have received positive feedback. This has begun to give me courage to write/speak. It has been incredibly liberating. With inspiration from you inparticular, I have started to fanaticize about approaching (writing!) my own blog.

Recently I find myself just wanting to think/talk/write about certain everyday subjects. It's scary because sitting down and actually forming impulses into a cogent piece is still quite intimidating for me. But I feel some inner urge, some need to birth these prompts into little literary lives.

Since finding your blog I have been inspired because somehow you make writing just seem possible.

Thank you for sharing your passion about writing. It may help further awaken some of us who are late bloomers.


Sherry, you are awesome. Keep fighting the good fight! I love your blog immensely because your writing so often does touch me, even though my life is so different from yours right now. I feel like you articulate your feelings and emotions and everyday experiences so perfectly, and I can often relate. You are an inspiration.


This is a great tribute to your mom. Sounds like she's been a hugely successful parent, which is not all that common either.


You really hit on what makes being a write simultaneously so difficult and so wonderful!
This was a great post - I'm glad you shared all this.
Thanks --


Can you perhaps write more about the life of a writer? (No questions there, you already are one!) I found your descriptions of the life of a lawyer to be wonderful and helpful to read, particularly as someone who is hovering at arm's distance (bar passed, not yet sworn in, not sure when/if that will happen) from a career in law.

And this is the first time in a little while that you've hinted at the job of being a writer - the work of it, the writing and revising and submitting, and how to navigate all of that. I imagine your method of problem solving has come in handy, and your ability to communicate well orally as well, but I would be interested in hearing more about the process.

And of course, wish you the best of luck. Because even talent can sometimes benefit from a bit of luck!


You nailed it. Writers write because they need to or have to. It's who we are. It's our work (as opposed to our job for most of us) and it's done for love.

You captured tha painful cocktail party moment perfectly, by the way. That's a hard thing because so many equate success with the Kings and Rowlings of the world and forget that for many writers success can be finishing a manuscript into which they've poured heart and soul regardless of whether or not someone believes they can sell it.

Good luck and keep on keeping on.


You go!


I prefer not to tell people I am a lawyer. Especially at cocktail parties.


I've just started my own blog and have been asking myself this very question. A well written and well considered answer.
I suppose a riposte to the question "why do you write?" could by "why do you read?"


I wonder if one can cease to be a writer. Like Hemingway, if you believe that he shot himself because he had nothing left to write.


This post made me cry.

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