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What about life being a struggle to survive and considering ourselves lucky to have any one of those things, not to mention potable water and indoor plumbing? Not that I don't prefer your take above.


I must be a soft old romantic - but doesn't a relationship/love get a look in on your list?


I honestly can't think of anything I would rather do than work to maintain liquidity in the capital markets. I find that much more personally fulfilling than public interest work. I'd rather do corporate work on a public interest lawyer's salary than public interest work on a corporate lawyer's salary any day.

The Happy Feminist

I think the list only includes the necessities for happiness. Romantic love is nice but I don't think it's a necessity.


Ooh. There's a divergent path, then. I wouldn't be happy without my Sweetie. He'd come top of my list of things.


Romantic love can lead to sex and kids and piles of non-romantic love. Or so the wise persons say.


I think romantic love, and the possible kids that follow can be lumped into category #2. That said, I imagine for a lot of people that category is the most important. The less time you're at work, the more time you can spend with your significant other and children. On the other hand, once you have children, you'll want to be able to provide nice things for them, which requires $. So, there's a tough balance between what is best for your family (and what will make you feel better about what your relationship), more money or more of your time.

The Happy Feminist

Don't mean to imply that one's spouse or significant other may not be hugely important. But I think people can be happy without such a relationship.


I think Cindy Lauper got it right. Money changes everything.
"who can you trust?
I’ll tell you: It’s just,
Nobody else’s money"

Having people around your bed when you die is also up there. I can not see a solitary life being fufilling. Not in a modern love/romance movie way, but more like progeny. It is an instinct that cannot be beaten back by logic,economics,or lofty goals of self fufillment.

So money,spouse,and babies.


Amazing! Incredible job on this one. You have to try to get it published even more widely. So much career advice out there is dumb. These are the real quality of life factors that most peope ignore in favor of some constant struggle to be ever more impressive. (This counts for the nonprofit crowd too - I've met so many people who have the same one-upping bugaboo as the materisltic set in just a slightly different form). You are so cool Scherzy!


Jill was right...brilliant.


Nice job. I think what you're talking about here is direct antithesis of what they pound into you in law school, which is a shame. I'm in the middle of studying for finals (I'm a 2L) but I still took time out last night to go to my niece's Sweet 16 surprise party. I HAD TO SEE MY FAMILY, even though I can look foward to Wills and Trusts AND Fed/State Con Law finals next week (3 hours each, closed-book, plenty of fun). I got energy from hanging out with them.

Thank God I'm not a top student who's looking to work in a big firm. I still often find I'm in a fight to accomplish most of the items on your list these days but I'm trying. I am prone to depression at times, which makes it harder, so I just have to remember all I can do is my best, and that overall I have it pretty good.

BTW, I have a wonderful husband who quizzes me on my outlines and doesn't roll his eyes if I forget a rule or draw a total blank. He just gives me a hug and reminds me about how much I DO know. Law school (and life) would be a million times worse without him so I second those who are calling for extra consideration for all the benefits derived from "romantic love."

I like your blog a lot, thanks for putting it out there.

Lamar Cole

Romantic love is like a symphony played in the heart.

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