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Allow me to tell you about my husband. He is a category 3 and you must have been inside his head at some time. He IS oblivious and he IS sweet. He even thinks he has good taste. (Awwwe) I try to tell him he has No taste, not bad, just none. He dresses the same way everyday, no spice, pure vanilla. No fresh colors, never a shirt tail to be seen. And one thing for sure, there is no changing him.


You are rocking them over at Unfogged. Who would have thought?


I'd like to think that those of us "Category 3" men have just realized that there is not much point in putting a ton of effort into clothes for anything other than a special occasion. I don't think this is "naiive or arrogant"; in fact, people who rely on clothing for their social cues probably have more of a problem (see Sherry's post on Assumptions where her outfit contributed to assumptions about her academic background).
There are obviously times when dressing appropriately is very important (job interview, wedding etc.), but if I want to wear my corduroy pants, hiking boots and a fleece sweater to the office in the winter because it is cold and the streets are slippery then I will do it. The same with wearing shorts and a short sleeved shirt in the summer...if I would be sweaty and uncomfortable in a suit then why bother.


I think you're really missing something in your comments about Category 2. Clothing that just sort of blends in may reflect neither cowardice nor conformity, but a conscious choice to minimize the social signals sent by one's clothing. If you're judging people as boring based on their clothing, you may be making some pretty shallow judgments and missing out on some interesting people who prefer not to play the first impressions game.

And what Litoralis said.


yeah, so my husband is a Category 2 kind of guy. His profession requires him to be tailored but conservative. He owns lots of blue dress shirts. But he actually has succeeded quite well at his profession. He's not curing cancer, but he is someone other people in his profession look up to. I don't think he's boring. He's warm and loving and generous and has a wickedly subtle and dry sense of humor.

so... I totally agree with Litoralis.

Al Wheeler

Since the rules for male dressing are so much simpler than for females, there is no excuse to be a category 3. Regarding the excuse of comfort, if you are out in public and wish to be presentable, some comfort has to be given up. It signals to friends, coworkers and strangers that we are not totally self-absorbed.


What Al said.


Bah, a pox on Al.

Category 3 is what I am. Matters of clothes have always eluded me, I dress for my work and for my comfort. When I go 'up town' I wish to look nice - but if I feel comfortable I am comfortable and that's better than looking right and feeling wrong or awkward. There are occasions when I wish I had more of a sense of style, but then I remember that the clowns who parade around with their latest styles today are the same meatheads who paraded around in parachute pants and shirts with zippers on them yesterday. Fashion is the most Lemming-like of afflictions.

Yes, clothes do make the man. To strangers. And I would rather matter to friends.

Ben Duffy

Parachute Pants, wide shoelaces, Cure T-shirts, chuck taylors, z-cavaricchi's, ripped knee acid washed jeans, army bags, don't make one a meathead.

The archie bunker mentality of labeling his unemployed funkily-clad grad-student son-in-law "Meathead" puts Mookman in the proper perspective http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meathead


I used to be Category 3, but I have been convinced that "clothes make the man." I would say I am Category 2, although I would like to achieve category one. Most of my blazers fit well in the shoulders but the sleeves are longer--I am a 44R, and that is hard to find, so I usually have to step uIp to the next size. I always wear a nice button up shirt and a blazer when I go out anywhere, but like I said, I have trouble getting the perfect fit with my size. It irritates me because I hate when my sleeves are not always showing with my suit--although since most have little fashion sense, they say I look great which compared to most, I do.

I do find that dressing well gets you treated better in public--I notice that I am treated a lot better by salespeople and the general public, perhaps because they think I have money or somthing. I am a college student, so I have little money, but apperance is important to me, so I do invest some of my money in it.

I agree fully with the idea that you should never sacrifice comfort for style--that is the problem today. People want to wear a short sleeve shirt because it is "hot".

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Regarding the excuse of comfort, if you are out in public and wish to be presentable, some comfort has to be given up.

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