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Good Christmas gifts for guys. Damn things drive me crazy every single year.


Pets versus people.


Do you think it is possible to/have you had experience with being reasonably good friends with an ex? I've not yet had a very successful go of this, though currently I am trying my best.


Now that sailing-team season is done, how do you spend your days? How do you want to be spending your days?

mr. fun ball

Along the lines of Elfie's request: how about suggestions for Christmas gifts for guys to give. Not for a sweetie, but, parents, siblings, nieces, nephews, etc...


Turn this weblog into a how-to-sail blog. Then incorporate life lessons that metaphorically mesh with each sailing tip/lesson. Then go ahead and draft your defensive pleadings so that when Robert Pirsig sues you you won't have to worry about a default judgment.

BTW, I was serious when I started writing this post. Then I realized that every newly self-aware, Oprah book club-lovin', lit snob lite would call you out on the whole motorcyle maintenence thing.


I like the blog the way it is. Go with your instincts...


Oh, and can you write about assumptions people make? And getting outside what you think of automatically as "acceptable." And how to tell the difference between cultural and family norms, and what you really think...

Just what the hell does it mean when women say that they want a well dressed guy? What does well dressed mean for a guy?


What would your ideal romantic relationship look like?


How's the doggy?

You could include more pictures too. Take the camera with you on your morning walks.


How does one ensure the success of their child, whatever success is? You seem to portray an independent, intelligent, thoughtful, compassionate, witty and keen existence... how did your parents help hone those skills... What could they have done differently, better?

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