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happy birthday!


Happy Birthday and many happy returns of the day!


P.S. #2, I recognize the hallowed logo of the Ledyard Canoe Club on your boat! Are you on Titcomb Island?

Cheers, #42 (ex-Ledyardite)


#5, what are the child and the dog looking at in this charming picture?

- #33.


Good eyes, #42! Yes, it's a Ledyard canoe, but the photo's from a little north of Hanover, at the memorial for Patchen Miller.

That's a very large beer you've packed into your campsite... :-)

Happy solstice (and happy birthday Sherry!)


Have a fabulous birthday, Sherry - will be raising a virtual glass in virtual toast to you today!

The Happy Feminist's Collie

#32 and #39 are H-O-T hot!


Hm, do I have something to say to #42? Other than that he's clearly not drinking a frozen Diet Coke, and that he has interesting ideas about his change jar, which might bear further discussion?


I don't care how hot #s 32 and 39 are. They, and the collie, should stop chasing me around the keg. It's not very sociable.

Now, would you please pass the peanuts.



Hey there *14, was your picture taken in PEI by any chance?


Hey there *14, was your picture taken in PEI by any chance?



But I LIKE chasing small woodland creatures!


We know you like the small woodland creatures #39, but that doesn't mean we let you get away with it. No treats for you tonight!


Happy Birthday!


So sorry I didn't RSVP my regrets, Sherry! I've been swamped with finals and haven't been able to get a photo together. But your party looks swell & I appreciated the invite. Maybe I'll buy myself a digital camera for Christmas & will be able to make it next year...

Happy Birthday!

energy spatula

I'll take the spot right between 44 and 45...yummy.

energy spatula

And, oh yeah, Happy Birthday! See what happens when I get preoccupied with the cute boys? :)


Ms. #33, Happy birthday! Wishing you all the best in the new year!

#70, where was that photo taken? I have my own tale of crampon woe from Mt. Washington, N.H. early this year.


Oh for crying out loud, Sherry. We all make the effort to come celebrate your birthday and you show up out-of-focus!


#39, you are why my rabbit didn't come to this party. Well, that and she'd rather chew my mother's kitchen mats.


Sorry... Woof?



Hey 27.

Katahdin. We lucked out. It was an unbelievably clear day to summit, all things considered not too cold. But man! It was windy!

Excellent good-gear-gone-wrong story, 27. Where was your picture taken? Oregon?



#39 -

I'm a greyhound so I don't bark. (Of course, I don't type either, but we're suspending disbelief here).

Catch me if you can!

The Happy Feminist's Collie (#46)

I wish #32 and #39 would stop flirting with each other. What am I, chopped chipmunk?


Hrm. I've never herded a Greyhound before. Beagles, Labs, small woodland creatures, yes, but never a greyhound.

I'm a five year old Samoyed boy. For those of you allergic to dogs, I'm dander free and hypoallergenic (although I do shed LOTS, especially in the spring), so I'll take all the attention you can give me! I belong to the couple in #53 who rescued me last February.

Interests include chasing small woodland creatures, napping, herding other dogs at the dog park, napping, eating, napping, gnawing on rawhide, napping, relocating my owners' clothing, napping, going on walks, napping, sniffing things, napping, and digging up plants my owners' have planted (see the soil on my muzzle and my guilty look?).

Dislikes include fur brushing, baths, hot weather, being left out or ignored, and the veterinarian. I'm due for a rabies booster next week, and I'm not looking forward to it.

I'm very friendly to both humans and dogs, and generally well behaved, but tend not to get along with Golden Retrievers - especially the boys. They just smell funny to me.

What about everyone else?

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