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Why do you call them "Junior Leaguers"?


i think that's hysterical. and perfect.

For inquiring minds:


Oh Dear God!
It's like Stepford ..... and they have reached London!!!


Like most women who grew up in the South, I'm familiar with the Junior League thing, and I think it's OK to think of the women whose social lives are fine in detail as "Junior Leaguers," as long as it's in an admiring or neutral way. However, you might want to be cautious about letting that description become excessively public to the women whom you call that, as it can have the same catty connotations as "sorority girl" often does: more wealth, looks and spare time than brains or utility, and implying husband-hunting or smug acquisition.

I've noticed that women (and I'm one of them) who don't fit into certain categories of femininity often fall into the trap of feeling superior to those who do.

In any case, these days "Junior Leaguer" probably is better than the first alternative that comes to my mind -- Martha Stewart.


I'm a junior leaguer, and honestly, the cattiness hurts my feelings a bit sometimes - although not here because I think you're being self-mocking and as always you're adorable and humorous.

Anyway, I know sometimes my behavior is motivated by a what-a-good-girl-am-I neediness, which must be a bit annoying. But it's not directed at anyone else or meant to be competitive. Honestly, most of the time I just really want to enjoy beauty in life, and give something to others. And, just a side note, since I've moved up north where this kind of thing is less common, I've found that I really wish y'all would just eat the homemade cookies without making a big deal about it or being catty. I happen to like writing Christmas cards and decorating cookies. It's not a chore or, like I said before, a competition. And my house is always neat because I like it that way. It's comfortable. I don't care how other people keep theirs. And I do my hair and my nails and hair because it feels good to look good, but I don't look at other girls and judge them for how they feel comfortable.

Wow. This kind of struck a chord. I'm really homesick now. Anyway, my point is junior leaguers are just living their lives in a way that's comfortable to them.

And it's clear you have so many ways to add meaning and beauty to your life that you are already doing the same thing in a different way and there's no reason to send out christmas cards if you don't like doing it.

Whew. Thanks for letting me vent a little. Merry Christmas!

Roaming Jacques

I just don't get why you put Junior Leaguers on a pedestal. Do you think that all that fussing about all things non-essential comes without a price? Spike that thought. Junior leaguers are superficial unsophisticated unfeeling non-introspective, no-inner-life, well, losers. Sorry. They just are. Sure they go to the latest art exhibit or latest movie-that-everyone-is-talking-about and blanket holiday cards to all. Yet -- when you talk to them, it generally is clear that they're pretty vacuous.

A junior leaguer will never blog -- because blogging may or may not bring validation from the world around. And that, dear Scheherazade is anathema to the junior leaguer. Enough said.

I can't stand people who make gross generalizations. Any of 'em.

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