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"I am not a fiction writer, or if I am one I'm a reluctant one."

LOL - I have to write essays this term, and all they want to do is turn into stories. But you: basement of Silliman, 1992, was it? You wrote some good fiction then. :)


"They're filling notebooks with notes during class. I wonder what the notes say. I jot a word or two in my journal or on the top of a handout."

I find that the advice or insights that I have remembered best and that have had the most influence on the way I work are summarized in just a few words or a phrase. I think you method of a word or two is the one that will contribute the most to you in the long run.


I used to take copious notes (as an undergrad and in law school) as a way of making sure I continued to pay attention, if I was wandering or bored.

Sometimes, though, it was also a way to keep track of all the follow up thoughts in my head that weren't really appropriate to just blurt out to the whole class all the time.


I coax my way out of rising panic by starting with something or someone from real life and imagining something out of it.

For some reason, I think that is where short stories are more likely to come from than, say, novels are. I suppose I have this idea because it seems easier to tell a discrete story about something from real life, whereas it feels like you need more of an imaginative push to get a novel out; a made-up person or group of people in your head demanding to get their say.

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