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If PG and I each send you a UVa hat, will you switch allegiance away from the Evil Empire?

We could even start slow by wearing a UVa Swimming hat first.


I see that Will and I are to become the Partners for a Tarheel-Free America.


I love you PG.

I need your help with my niece. Her other uncle works for the Evil Empire and he has somehow cursed her into liking the Evil Empire.

We need an intervention. We can practice on her before we come back here to work on the One Who Sails.

mr. fun ball

There's only one big game this week. It's on Tuesday at 9PM. And of course, Duke will win.


Will, you gotta start them early. There's a reason that Mincer's sells rompers, rattles, bibs, etc. -- indoctrinate before month eight. Maybe Coach K's flirtation with the dark side will turn her off.
'Chair tossing 101

Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski knew exactly how to get his team's attention during the first half of last Saturday night's Virginia game. Unhappy with sloppy passing and ball-handling, Krzyzewski slammed a chair against the floor at Cameron with 3:17 to play in the half.

The Devils' coach actually got everyone in the building's attention over his anger.

When asked about the chair thing after the game, Krzyzewski said he was only rearranging furniture.

"In my younger days I did things that were a lot worse," Coach K said. "I don't know what I did. Did I throw it across the court?"

He was obviously referring to Bobby Knight's famous chair-tossing incident at Indiana in 1985 when the coach threw a chair across the court to protest bad officiating.'



The first song my kids learned was the Good Old Song. The second "song" my son learned was "Go to Hell Carolina." Ok, so maybe it wasnt the best thing to teach him....

We beat UNC, Tech, and Wake. I am thrilled with our season.

Suggestion for next post: "Shoes protect your feet, but only if you wear them." That would be just as interesting!

david yen

UNC 74, Duke 70, UNC #1 team in country and undefeated.

The women's team.

One the best games I've seen in a while

david yen

Check out this article. Is it tongue in cheek or not?

sports nut
Go to Hell, Duke!
To Hate Like This Is To Be Happy Forever, the apologia of an insane sports fan.
By Jason Zengerle
Updated Friday, March 3, 2006, at 6:20 AM ET
Article URL: http://www.slate.com/id/2137282/

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