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My favorite part of that collage is the stars and martinis on the left. I think it reminds me of Rock Star Barbie, which is a part of yourself that you should enjoy and cherish, since I think it's pretty hard to act that way if you don't love yourself (flaws and all) and enjoy your own company. Forget about self-criticism! Let's have gimlets! Fabulous! It's a humorous but fitting addition to the inspirational rest of the collage.


Sweetie - this is so exciting! Yay! That collage is beautiful and you are beautiful and I'm so happy for you!


That is so beautiful! You inspire me!


Thanks, Sherry.

But I was convinced it was there, repelling people. And I was ashamed of that brokenness.

That's a brave thing to say. Too familiar! And such a self-perpetuating mind-trap. Plus it's sneaky; it resurfaces when you're not looking. It's not about "dating" at all, is it? It's about trusting your right to exist. The basic, basic core.


And remember, you can't play the game if you don't get on the court... Life is not a spectator sport or a dress rehearsal.


I love your collage. This is a beautiful and inspiring post.

Michael J.

This is a great series of posts, supporting the ideas that "the most personal is the most general," and "you have to love yourself before you can love someone else." Thanks for being so honest.


I am that kid, and I did join the chess club. I've abandoned dating, and resigned myself to being single. There's way, way worse things that could happen.

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