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Oh, I WAS being obnoxious... love the curiousity thing. Will definitely rely on that AT MOST.

To be honest, I never figured falling for a jerk was a sign that you are a bad judge of character. I mean, the whole point of a jerk being a jerk is that he will use all the signals and trappings and conventiosn relied on by people of good character to attract someone too good for him, right?


Ok, I have a new twist on this topic after last night, and it's bugging me again. A guy friend walked up, said he had asked out a girl I know, and asked what I knew about her. I sort of shrugged, and he tried to tease out more info, and finally he was just like "If there's something bad, you have to tell me..." So I did, and he didn't care at all, and I know he's not going to be mad at me, no matter what happens with the girl.

I remembered then that it's really, really common fro guys to share info like that with eachother. A guy will say he's dating a girl and all his friends will say "I heard she's crazy.." Or "She dated a friend of mine and he hates her now..." Or whatever. And no one thinks it's a reflection on the guy that he decided to date this girl. (Also, the guy is pretty likely to date her regardless, but he'll just categorize the girl as not girlfriend material... )

Anyway, why can guys handle this, but girls take it personally when they've picked a chump? And, taking it further, why is it in no way a negative reflection on a guy when he dates someone icky, but there seems to be a stigma on the girl with a loser, like she's desperate or something? (I dont' think this, personally, I've just noticed it...)

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