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I agree. A year and a half ago a guy I knew surprised me by asking me out. I was happy to go, but wasn't sure if I really had "the spark" for him. After a handful of dates I was extremely sure that I did, in fact, feel "the spark". We were married 8 months later.

I think sometimes you just can't tell whether you and another person will click romantically unless you let yourself actually experience what they are like in that mode, and vice versa.


I think it's presumptuous and misguided to think you "know" ahead of time everything you need to know about a person or a situation. You may be smart, but no one is that smart. I think you have it exactly right sweetie, just give people and situations a chance to reveal themselves. It's soooooo much more fun that way.

Besides, it's really offensive to have a checklist and cross people off because they don't meet some standard you set up. Obviously, this doesn't apply to things like "kind and considerate." But categories less central to a person - like hair or a taste for fine dining - shouldn't be a reason to assume you're never going to click.


compare these two interactions:

a) you feel this instant, ineffable attraction to a person 20 feet away.

b) you engage in a conversation with a person, talking about life, politics, sports, food.

which one might lead to a long-lasting spark?


I'd have to agree that you should give it a chance... the best relationships are based on friendship. It should be the foundation of any good relationship. It was for me and Gee.


Jaime, great post. I think that hands down, (b) will have a longer-lasting spark. I have to be honest though: (a) is usually what makes me want to have the (b) conversation with a guy.


PGirl, yes, this is probably true for most of us, most of the time. The thing is, how often do you find yourself attracted to a person, based on the initial vibes, only to be disappointed by the total lack of connection, sometimes within seconds, or minutes of talking. Have you noticed that the more you like a person, the more attractive s/he is? And, when you don't, the "glow" that surrounds the person dissolves? This kind of begs for a two-tiered chemical rush, doesn't it? The first that draws two together. The second sustains the connection. Hmmm... I wonder if the more educated readers of this blog know the answer to this.

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