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Reading through your searching discourse on "acceptance" I was like a bit like a panting dog happily following a circuitous yet connected 'scent'.

About the time that I had followed you through to individual curiosity and individual pain, the over bearing urge to shout individual TRUTH! pranced in my brain. And then in about your next sentence, there it is, borning in you as it was birthing in me. Such synchronicity implies to me a type of cosmic truth that exists beyond ourselves.

How right and good it feels to explore and be curious about one another's lives. Once again Sherry, you have lead us down such a path...such a privileged walk.

Michael J.

Wow – radical! Acceptance and curiosity! Thanks!

I will integrate your thoughts with those of everyone else I've been talking with, and cook up a stone soup post at Notio. I will link here when that happens. Could be several days.


I am not sure I agree with you, or wholly follow.

What about acceptance without all the curiosity? When should you take things as they are, and not pry deeper? What implications does that have? This might connect to the unconditional love, or other emotions that might not ever be able to be explained to finite conclusion, but simply have to be trusted.

What about when people are unwilling to explain, and answer to your curiosity? When you cannot get to the truth of the matter. How do you react when people do not want to explain, and won't answer to why they don't want to explain either? How, in that situation, can one comfortably accept that, given such curiosity?

Or is that when your basic trust in the world comes into play; to satiate your immediate curiosity with the belief that whatever that truth is, it will be something beautiful and interesting, even if you should never know it.



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