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Where are you?
baby lucy wants to play!


What is the meanest thing you have done as a coach?


If for whatever reason you had to spend the rest of your live in Montana, what things would you miss most about Maine - and what would you find in Montana to take the place in your life of those things you missed from Maine?


If you plan on dying alone with a dozen cats, you'd better get started with those cats. ;-)


Wait... that didn't come out the way I meant... ack.


Is there a connection between owning a big dog and proclivities toward dating bikers?


Tell me about it!!! Turning 34 in a couple of months and am surrounded by friends who have happily settled down already. Mind you, there are wonderful advantages to being single too...adequate sleep, space to think, freedom to be spontaneous, and to make choices without some of the complications.

Enjoy this time now, while it lasts :)


Katrina, you forgot the best part of being single - staying slim and looking gorgeous! It's virtually impossible to look good while married with kids. =)


I still havent figured out how to write law school exams (such as 4 hour in-class exams and 8 hour take-home exams) and do well on them. I'm wondering if you ever felt in law school that you could "crack" an exam before the test. That is, how do you figure out (a) how to write an exam in a way that addresses the issues and (b) how do you figure out what a particular professor wants? I already do the practice exams well ahead of time, go to office hours, etc., but I still don't have a good idea of what the professor wants going into test day. If you have any advice, it would be appreciated.


ps I have already read your posts on exam prep re: posters.

Scheherazade H.

How do you decide what to eat day to day? And what do you eat? Do you cook? Do you like cooking? If you could only cook one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be.

I really shouldn't comment on other blogs when I'm hungry and blogging about food on my own.

Paul B.

What do you think of conformism (as opposed to "non-conformism")? Do you think about it at all? Do you think all yuppies just fall into the same patterns, routines, styles, and so forth by default, or intentionally? Do you ever fear your life is or could become a cliche? Does it bother you, and if so, are you doing anything to avoid it?


How do you deal with people you dislike immediately and instinctively, even though they are obviously fine people? (Meaning it's not like they bother you because they're racist or nasty or something that would justify avoiding them completely). I mean the ones that make you feel judgemental for disliking them, but that you still dislike. Have you ever felt that and gotten over it? How?

mr. fun ball

Tell us a joke.

cancer survivor

Are you still paying back your law school loans? Or did you pay like gangbusters on them when you were employed in a lucrative job? Or did you have no law school loans?

I finished law school, failed the bar, have no desire to retake, no desire to practice, and I have loans to pay. But I'm in a job I really enjoy, writing. I have to work a second job I really enjoy, in a greenhouse, to make all my payments. Hm. What would Scheherzy do?


What is the status of the Good Riddance Project?


Apropros Scheherazade H's request Re: Food/Eating/Cooking - I read today in the newspaper that Bowdoin has the best on-campus dining of any U.S. college. Your take on that assessment?


Now that you've been blogging for a long time, are there certain things you notice about your writing style? E.g., words you use repeatedly, ways that you turn a phrase, cliches you fall back to, structures you repeatedly use? Both positive and negative stuff would be interesting. I think you have a very distinctive voice (e.g., you use the word "romp" more than anyone else on the internet) (and obviously, which I really like, since I read you regularly), and I'm curious to hear your take on it.

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