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At 31, I have recently "restarted" taking piano lessons. I (like most young students) didn't take the time to practice and quit lessons after a couple years. Now I feel it's my time, my choice and my money, I take it more seriously and enjoy it much more this time around.

Plus I don't have to learn the basics, I remember more than I thought I would. I only practice about 1/2 hour a day, and it's great. I highly recommend it!

A lot of people say that about medical school. Don't assume it would be that doable. It's beyond the ability of most people, both in terms of work and IQ.


Nonsense. My med school classmates were smart, but hardly the smartest people I know. They did, however, have a frightening level of intensity and focus.

If you don't believe in reincarnation, it's by no means too late to go to med school in this lifetime. It can be done. My mom started in her late 30's, and older students have only become more common since then. But, it's not so much fun.

That Lawyer Dude

If med school isn't in the cards how about volunteering to help one of the auto-immune support and research associations (my favorite is the Although Federal funding has gotten better, ever since the war, things in Washington DC have gotten tighter and we are getting stagnet funding again. Hence we are relying on private funds and volunteers to a greater extent. Even at the increased amounts these diseases get very little funding from the Government compared to other less deadly diseases.

The men and women of Auto-immune disease face higher abandonment rates than those of other diseases. I think it is because the physical effects of the diseases cause couples and families to literally lose touch with one and other.

Many auto-immune diseases(especially Scleroderma) attack women in their childbearing years. We have noticed that there is often an attack soon after a pregnancy ends (with in about 5 years.) However many of our female patients have never been pregnant at all.

June is Scleroderma Month. The Scleroderma Foundation sponsors a series of walk-a-thons throughout the country. Local chapters and support groups are planning them now and boy could we ever use the help.

We also sponsor the Scleroderma Striders. They are athletes who agree to enter long distance races to raise money and awareness of the disease. I am sure we can find a place for a rowing team or two, And our new logo will look "oh so lovely" on your "racing scull".

That Lawyer Dude

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Carolyn Elefant

I hope you don't have to be reincarnated to do these things. I still dream of going to nursing school and taking my nursing skills to the Peace Corps when I retire from law. I hope I don't have to die first.


I think "older" people (i.e., not just out of college) make the best Peace Corps volunteers. If PC itself doesn't drive you nuts.

Bill Altreuter

If I get reincarnated, I'm hoping that it won't be as an invertibrate.

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