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The Happy Feminist

Oooh, those both sound terrific. The first one makes me think about that rosy feeling of connection and bonding you get when you drink with someone versus the cold hard reality of what the limits of that bonding really are.


Ah, the old "when the chickens come home to roost" story--a classic!


The first one definitely is a short story, but the second sounds almost more like a novel than a short story. Maybe it's just because I think of family dynamics as so large that they're difficult to contain within 15 pages.


I did a quick Google search and there are actually a few real HenCams out there.
One in the US.

One in the UK.

I'm not sure if you got the idea from these sites or if you just came up with it on your own.


Love both of them - the first makes me think of a Raymond Carver short story. The second makes me happy because I'm raising chickens clandestinely in my basement. And both make me feel frustrated that I'm not working on my own short stories. Bravo to you!

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