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I thought "This Is My Life" was going to end with Scheherazade being pulled over by the Coasties for reckless driving and wake creation. Well, your ending is nicer.

From those of us living in the gray world of office buildings with windows that don't open, and the first day of spring with a fresh dusting of snow, we feel sorry for you.


I envy you. I had one glorious summer on St. Croix teaching sailing and even had an interview for the job you have now. Unfortunately I will be in the gray world of office buildings for a while now.


I'm jealous.


Doesn't sound like such a bad life... sounds kind of nice...being paid to help people sail in Florida, in the very early spring...

That Lawyer Dude

Go ahead, Rub it in. :)

No need to be modest or anything.


My office building isn't gray (sunlight is coming in the window right now), and there's a gorgeous river view out the other side. A good reminder to get past the doors and enjoy it, though.

Mostly, I think I admire the combination of physical and mental together that your job requires.

Gerald B.

Florida certanly has a nicer winter sailing season than NM


YAY for you!!!!

(sorry about the sun issues though, Hope the benadril(sp?) helps!)

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