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Wow. This letter reminds me of two of my own failed relationships, and I suppose the regrets that I have regarding how they might have turned out. I believe that we would not have worked out, but it is still hard to think of those things. Powerful.


I enjoyed reading this post.


Pretty intense post that triggers some similar memories. My [] is living in Scotland and married. We would fight over some very important things and some very trivial ones, and we never managed to exist at a point in time where one of us reciprocated the feelings of the other. We were never fully together and never fully apart for a couple of years that are still one of the times in my life when I felt most alive. Thanks for making me remember, Scheherazade. I think.


good post.


I happened across your blog by accident. Reading a book with reference to Scheherazade and I had to research where I knew that character from - such a busy life. I'm glad to find this. Your writing is beautiful in its decriptiveness and flow. This particular entry was magical in allowing me to truly witness the moments you described. Be thankful you had it once as I have yet to meet the one that I would regret losing.


Sherry, I absolutely love these kind of posts. Some of your best writing, it transported me to where you were...really, really great stuff. You really are very talented.


I feel a little odd, reading about one of best friends here. As I started to read I was thinking to myself "this can't be []", but by the end I knew it was. I was tempted to send him the link, just because I thought what you wrote was incredible. I know I would be touched if someone from my past ever wrote something like that about me. But of course, it's not my place to do that, especially since you posted it under "letters I'll probably never send." I can tell you, he did get married, in Sonoma this past October, I was there. He's still the same old [] we knew and loved from 12-15 years ago, laughs a lot, enjoys his life immensely. He's a bit less idealistic now, and a bit more materialistic, but I guess that's to be expected as we get older.

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