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Bill Altreuter

I love doing that. I'm on a committee that proposes and evaluates changes to our code of civil proceedure, and although I'm not as good at it as I wish I was, it is great to see people who are good at it work their magic. By-laws are fun, too. I've been part of by-law revision for two not-for-profits, and you are absolutely correct-- it is geeky fun all around.

Charlie Simpson

You are a dork -- if "dork" means "incredibly talented, intelligent, interesting legal genius!" Your legal skills sound so amazing from this post.

Here's a request to test your dorkiness: what did you get on both the SAT's and the L-SAT's? Don't be shy. I'm sure there quite oustanding.


That does sound pleasurable.


I am glad there are people out there who do these things.


One of my professors told us about a recent paper which postulated that legal language (unlike regular English) could be reliably machine-parsed and rendered in a machine-usable format, making it possible to (for example) define a security policy and use software to validate it against HIPPA.

I am impressed by people who can see these things and imagine the consequences.

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