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29, incipient Navy JAG, Washington, DC. Started reading as law student when you were just starting to reconsider the law; liked the writing, so kept reading.

I have two family members who lurk here - but for their details and reasons, you'll have to ask yourself...

I vaguely recall you making a request along these lines a year and a half ago or so...


I'm S, 26, west coast lawyer (law clerk specifically), and I've been reading for a year or two now. I don't remember how I came upon your blog (maybe a link from Jeremy's old blog?), but I was reading one day at school when a fellow student saw what I was reading and said you were a friend of a friend. Ever since, I've been hooked.


I'm Eleanor, 24, medical student in Philadelphia. I've been reading since my friend L (who asked you about the right conditions for falling in love) sent me and my friends an email including a quote from your blog. I googled it and here I am. Coming here has become part of my web-surfing breaks from studying. :)


WomanOfTheLaw, 26, public defender. I don't quite remember how I came across you, actually, but I've been reading since 2003 or so. I read because I think you're insightful and you write in a way that makes me consider things differently.


Virginia; ancient; sports, music and reading; visited Maine (Baxter and Rangeley regions) for several years and stumbled across the blog when web-surfing re Maine; then stumbled across it again when surfing for info on Scheherazade (of all things) by Rimsky-Korsakov.


Amber, 25, law clerk, flyover country. I like your posts about books.


SWF, recovering schooner bum, now a lawyer in Boston. I can't remember how I came here first - through sailing links or law links - but I keep coming back b/c it is so read-able and relate-able and now it feels like an ongoing reality-story and I am always curious what will happen next!


31, by the way. going on 32 ....


Chicago, 31, single, lawyer -- was at Biglaw, now in house. I'm sure I found you by linking from a law site, but now, I read because I'm frankly amazed at and jealous of the major life change you've undertaken. I wish you luck ...


Turboglacier, aka 4. Early/mid-to-late 30's. The Smallish City. Professions: shrinking, fading. Read this so you don't berate me for not knowing what's going on. At the moment am feeling very outnumbered by attorneys...

Stephen Brown

24, undergrad senior, tennessee, looking at law school, happened on your blog about a year ago and haven't been able to stop returning, i appreciate your writing style. also, i think your blog made me appreciate animals. i didn't hate animals before, i just didn't figure they had anything for me...no contribution to my life, sense of self, &c. but your writings about Belle have changed all that. i've recently adopted one of my wife's dogs as my very own. we run together regularly now. i'm surprised at how a relationship with a dog can enrice your everyday life. wow.

B. Funkhouser, 25, Portland OR law student, I enjoy your words about the sea


Will, 38, lawyer, swim coach. Virginia.

I enjoy reading about your reflectiveness.


24, engineer, Midwest. I started reading when thinking about law school but have kept coming back because of the insight you bring to a wide range of topics.


38, Technologist, photographer, sailor, widower, twin, from New England...a yankee...not a Yankee... Bosox fan. I read because I like the way you write... and most of the subjects you write about....


well, you know my stats. 35, female, appellate PD, Colorado. Found your site ages ago when I was relatively new to blogging. Read it daily via bloglines. Definitely addicted.


hi! i'm a long time reader. current law student at the university of new mexico. used to live in austin, tx where i worked in software. i read every post via bloglines. thanks for sharing so much of who you are!


26, female, 2L, midwest, triathlete, dog lover ... been reading for a while ... started reading because I was so happy to find a lawyer who wrote about something other than the law and seemed happy and balanced and sane ... kept reading because I enjoy reading your writing.

Butch Howard

Software Engineer
Atlanta, GA
If memory serves, I found you through one of the law blogs I read. I keep coming back because you keep writing and its good.

The Prince of Torts

3L in Texas

I found you thru Jeremy's blog last Fall. I return for the crisp missives about a cornocopia of interesting observations.

Matt C

25...graduating law student in the midwest. I started reading your blog along with some other law related blogs during my first year of law school. I've cycled most of those blogs out of my reading list, but I still read your blog because I really appreciate your authenticity. I struggle with being authentic and I think your blog has helped me to be more authentic in my life. Thanks for sharing...


Rob, 40, New Orleans, Software Engineer

My initial read was your posts on how to throw parties (something that always stresses me out!) and I've been checking in ever since. Your posts - especially the ones that touch on the personal and emotional - strike such a good balance between emotion, insight (intuition?) and analysis. Very enjoyable and illuminating.


Dylan, 30, Houston, Professional Object Lesson

I read because I like you.


sailor, 36, mother of 3, seattle area, advertising / marketing professional, wannabe liveaboard and bluewater cruiser. found you thru tillerman. appreciate your honesty and like looking back on collegiate sailing through the eyes of the coach!


34, Isle of Man, Lawyer. Started reading 2 or 3 years ago in law school from a Google link. I write poetry. I live by the sea. We think in a similar way .... I like to check in on *your* life by the sea :0)

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