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I certainly cant speak for everyone, but its actually refreshing to have a mix of things other than law. I suspect the reason you have so many of us law types is that google searches led us into your page. Reading your everyday exploits (regardless of content) and the raw honesty behind them is what keeps me coming back. I can relate to so much of what you write and that is what I love. Keep doing what you're doing. Please.


I agree with the previous poster. I am a "law type" but that is definitely not why I enjoy reading your blog. I wouldn't want you to try to write more about law stuff--as you yourself embody, we law types are interested in all kinds of different things. And for me, that variety of topics is a real strength of your blog.

As is your writing itself. I have been moved to tears on a number of occasions by something you've written, and not just the "obvious" ones. And I'm often moved to smile, or sigh wistfully, or or laugh, or pause and imagine. I always have a reaction to what you've written, but I don't post a comment every time--for me, the point is that you've communicated something to me, as your reader, and it's not about me publicizing my reaction to that. Please trust that we are enjoying and reacting and thinking and contemplating, even if we aren't always commenting! I think this blog is quite an accomplishment, and I'm glad you put the time and energy and creativity into it so that you can share it with us. :-)


"You're such a lovely audience, we'd love to take you home with us, we'd love to take you home!"

just a guy

Please don't let your perception of who your audience is, or what we're looking for, color your writing or choice of subjects. I read your blog precisely because you seem not to pander to us.


We read your blog because of the mix of topics you cover. The writing is for the most part excellent. Not all of us are "Law" types though...


It is the consistency and substance of your writing and reflection that keeps me coming back, to name a few. The honesty and self-depreciation, the marvels of everyday observations that mirror what seem to be only in our younger selves (and somehow, we forgot to bring along into our adulthood). The ease with which each sentence flows, re-reading it over again, because it is lucid and flows smoothly out of your month. The self-questioning is witty, funny and welcoming, a reminder, that you too, above being a great writer, are also human. A wonderful person filled with intellectual prowess. Thanks also, for sharing your world and thoughts with us.


When in doubt,
Leave law out.
(with apologies to the late Johnnie Cochran)


Keep the personal reflections about things you see or smell or hear - those are priceless. This blog is refreshing in that you talk about a variety of things, and those of us involved in the law are probably reading your thoughts as a nice escape. Keep doing what you are doing, and we'll keep reading.

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