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Hi there and welcome to your forever home!


Welcome, little puppy, to your new cyberhome. :D

Hal O'Brien

Oh, my heavens. She looks almost exactly like my Sarah... whom we've always thought was Shar Pei/Pit Bull.


Cute dog. :)


Haven't been to visit here in awhile and I'm so glad to see you have Lila. She's just gorgeous. A truly beautiful dog and very stately in many of the photos.
She reminds me a lot of my Holly, who's a Boxer/Lab.
Many years of happiness to both of you.

mary garrett

I like the shot that has you hand in the pic. Reminds me of my many trys to get my beloved mutts to BE STILL. I have a 10 yr. old male Golden Chow mix. Also a 1 yr. old Pit Rottie mix little girl. They are both rescue dogs & I love them dearly. My Montie, Angelita & their Mom in Dallas

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