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Paris Hilton in a grocery store made me think of a recent snippet from The New Yorker's The Talk of the Town. A bunch of rich stars are talking about how "spiritual" they are, and about how medition is THE thing. "You can even do it on a bus!" one of them gushes. The writer of the piece then points out to the reader that this same person admits to not having actually been on a bus in over 25 years.

As for Hornby, I haven't read his fiction but I love his "Polysyllabic Spree."


I agree with your review - great book. My daughter gave it to me for my birthday last year. I must admit the first chapter or two, I kept saying, "What?", "What the...", but it wasn't long before I just accepted the scenes and the characters and enjoyed the story that developed. I'm reading Hornby's "About a Boy" right now. I think it was his second novel. It also has some sadness in it, some interesting characters thrown together, and some very funny scenes.

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interesting characters thrown together, and some very funny scenes.

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