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Does leading require lying?

It's Mother's Day; what is something you've learned from your mom that you value (it doesn't have to be the best thing you've learned from her, just something good)?


Apologies if you have discussed these before, but what are your dealbreakers for relationships? I don't mean stuff like cheating, where the guy is or has done something to cause you to dislike him. I'm thinking more like stuff that isn't a problem while you're dating but will be difficult later: different views on where to live (would you marry a guy if it meant you had to leave Maine?) and how to live (would you marry someone who didn't want children?).


Do you think that having a law degree gave you the confidence to quit lawyering? That is circular, I know, but what I mean is: Do you find having a J.D. in your back pocket allowed you to pursue other ventures like sailing and writing, both because it provides a financial safety net and because it is proof of your professional success? Do you think you could have been a sailing coach without having been a lawyer first?


What are your favorite things?

Scheherazade H.

What do you think makes a good interview/er/ee?


Pics of your little lady, please.


By the way, when are you going to write about HS? I hope that one little snippet about your senior picture wasn't all we're getting on that topic. Since I'm too cool to go to reunions, I have to get your insights from this blog :)

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