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I am not sensing that you are troubled because she is withholding knowledge or instruction from you. I sense that you are troubled because she is withholding approval of your writing, and more importantly, you.

You are a dynamic, strong, intelligent woman and that threatens those who are not... if she is conscious of the strain you write about, confronting her will likely just threaten her more.

As long as she is not standing in the way of your progression as a writer, consider living and growing from this discomfort... afterall, lowly European characters are able to charm everyone they cross or at least box them up properly. I would far rather read from a writer who vividly 'lives in her body; writing about motion and sensation and place and smell and touch,' of growing through something that is psychologically uncomfortable than someone who is is a gay and lively character at the parlor sipping tea.


It seems like you want us to conclude it's time for you to find a new teacher. I'm finding it hard to avoid that conclusion. I don't think it's arrogant to think you have your own sensibility, and I imagine the more different a student's sensibility from any given teacher, the earlier in the curriculum he or she will experience a disconnect that gets in the way of teaching. If teachers of diverse schools are in large supply, why not shop. Otherwise I suppose you have to be the grasshopper and suck it up, perhaps finding your own style after some years in the wilderness or a course of psychoanalysis.

Writers are sensitive creatures. If she's hindering your expression of creativity in any way, unload her and find a teacher who will nurture your creative spirit.


The first few paragraphs are an EXACT description of what's been going on with me and my profs at law school! I can't believe you captured that complicated interaction so completely - you're a fabulous writer. I'm really sorry that for some reason she is letting you think that SHE thinks you're not. Fwiw, it got a lot better in some ways with my profs when I stopped showing them my underbelly and begging them to teach me, but just assumed they hated me and forced them to answer my questions anyway. It took an extra step out of the equation. Of course, I'm stuck with them, but you're not stuck with her. Good luck!


I don't think it's a question of her being "more intellectual," although I understand that feeling and often have it myself, but of just relating to the world in a very different way. I read constantly as a child, but rarely what was considered good literature. Poetry, prize-winning books - they never made sense to me. Instead I read mystery novels and encyclopedias, and now I know lots of things, but can't shake the feeling that I'm somehow less sophisticated as a result.

But I think in many ways these differences are inherent. I remember taking an achievement test in elementary school, and being asked to read a poem about a tiger. I generally got all of the questions on these things right without much effort, but this one asked what the tiger symbolized. I was baffled. I had no idea. It was a tiger sitting in the grass. It had nothing to do with time, or love, or whatever...and I probably wouldn't have much more of a clue what it symbolized today than I did then.

So, perhaps you can just take what you can from this teacher, and find someone more suited to your style of relating to the world. I don't think there's any shame in that.

sometimes we have people that come into very sensitive areas of our lives that we wouldn't invite, but being challenged to consider who you are and your own voice is good. Not comfortable or affirming in the way you want someone to be that has entered this sensitive area, but good. You may never get the approval you are looking for from this person, but it sounds like your own voice is stronger because of them.


I don't have anything really deep to say. Just wanted to say that I usually agree with you about disapproval of stopping to admire a sentence's craft. But one book where I just had to stop fairly frequently and read the sentence over again was "The Great Gatsby." Each sentence is such a pleasure.


I think your clarity of who you are is wonderful. Knowing how you explore and create, full of self awareness is a key which many people lack. However, I wonder if your professor has decided that it's time to take you out of your box, not even for the purpose of changing you, but for the purpose of that exploration and discovery. To make that a cultivated part of you as well. I don't think this has anything about her liking your or not liking you. I feel that you have challenged her to make your writing style acceptable in her class, and she's simply saying no. Don't beg, or look to her for acceptance. Merely ask your questions and write for her according to her standards, and then move on... In the end you will be writing the way you want to.
All the best!

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