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Instead of the backpack, how about little lead ankle weights on all four legs? That would slow her down on the walks, and would have the added benefit of reducing the jump-on-people tendency. Maybe heavier ones on the front legs.

Didn't you get a camera to take sailing pictures. C'mon now. Your readers want to see the puppy.


Do you have a crate for her? It would definitely help both with the housebreaking and the getting into stuff issues. Don't be put off by thinking that it's a "cage" or "prison" - it's more like the dog's own little den where they can go to chill out.

You certainly wouldn't want to leave Lila in it for hours at a time but for a couple hours when you're out of the house or can't monitor her behavior they're a great option.

If you'd like to give her a little more room, but still restrict her to one area of your house (i.e. your kitchen) use baby gates that fit across the doorway but allow humans to open them to pass through.


I'm so glad you have found the Gentle Leader (funny how this came up twice today; I mentioned it on another blog here: http://mfrost.typepad.com/cute_overload/2006/05/from_the_where_.html)

A lot of dog lovers get weirded out by it because they think it's inhumane, but it's a wonderful tool and probably far more humane than most leashes, for a wrassler of a dog.


Most of the service dogs I've seen use the Gentle Leader, and I think they're great. Beautiful description of the new puppy....and good suggestions all around, except the ankle weights one...


We love watching Cesar Milan's show (even though we don't have a dog, it would be nice but we're not home enough). Unfortunately he was recently sued by some Hollywood producer whose dog was injured at his facility, apparently when they put him on the treadmill something happened and the dog got badly injured. I find it almost impossible to believe this would happen on Cesar's watch, but it sounds like it might have been some of the people who work for him who were involved. Hope it doesn't affect the show....

speaking of the dog whisperer, this is in today's NY Times:


Several weeks ago South Park did a very funny spoof of the Dog Whisperer, having Milan come in to train Cartman.

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