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This sounds so happy! I'm curious to know what your observations are on the group that reads this blog, since you asked people to check in...


There is a missing verse to that song that wasn't in the original recorded version but has been included in S&G live concerts and in versions by other artists.

"Now the years are rolling by me/They are rocking evenly/I am older than I once was/Younger than I'll be, that's not unusual./No, it isn't strange;/After changes upon changes/We are more or less the same;/After changes we are more or less the same."


I ALWAYS choke up when I'm singing this song and I get to the second and third lines of that last stanza. Always--it just gets me somehow.


Every time I go to a self-defense class and get my butt kicked, which, being 5'7 and 150 lbs, happens all too frequently, I come home and put this song on, and promise myself that I will keep fighting, literally and figuratively.


What a great song. Emmylou has a good cover of it on her excellent Roses in the Snow.

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