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The president at my previous place of work would occasionally have his dog in the office. In his office. The dog was always quiet, so silent in fact that I was often surprised to look in the corner office and see him sitting next to the desk, looking patient.

Other dogs sometimes visited, but their disruptive presence was usually conceded, with a closed office door. Once there was a kitten, and she was disruptive for an entirely different reason.

It's a pity people *are* allergic, or disinclined to like dogs/cats. I think every good bookstore should have a cat, and many offices as well, but that would be hard on the allergic, as you say.


It depends on the workplace, too. Places with fragile or preservation-quality objects are not the best for pets to visit.

Though I suppose the question presupposes the workplace is a safe environment for a pet in the first place.


I like dog-friendly workplaces. But your reasoning makes a lot of sense. There are just some dogs, whether due to training, temperment or nature, which should not be allowed out in public spaces or near unfamiliar people.

My friend Dave has a dog a lot like that. Snowball was a shelter dog and can be very unpredictable when he meets new people, or even old, familiar people that he hasn't seen in a while.

Chewbacca, who owns my friends Brian and Katy is an ideal workplace dog. Very friendly, and even tempered. Very sweet... the one drawback he has is that he sheds enough to make a small rug each day. :D He's a Tibetan terrier, much like one my family had when we were growing up.


At the psychiatric hospital where I work, it all started off with one authorized "therapy dog". Then two other staff people literally forged "therapy dog" certificates for their dogs, so they too could come to work. Before long it became a general phony-therapy-dog free-for-all, with some people bringing multiple dogs to work with them. Dogs were roaming the hallways. They would come into my office uninvited, so I had to start keeping the door closed. Once I forgot and my lunch got eaten. Later someone brought in goats. I am not making this up.

Finally it came to an end after three "therapy dogs" got over-excited during a "'therapy session" and started bounding around the room. Two of them collided head-one, causing one to be knocked unconcious and begin having seizures. Several patients started screaming, one started having "seizures" herself, and another had nightmares for a week.

We are back to being a dog-free workplace.


Turbo, you got me laughing out loud (not lol, but the real thing) here!


Judge Ordered to Keep Dogs at Home
Michigan judicial agency orders judge to keep pet terriers Lurch and Lizzard at home

EASTPOINTE, Mich., Jun. 9, 2006


(AP) A state judicial agency says a dog's place is in the home and has ordered a suburban Detroit judge to stop bringing pet terriers Lurch and Lizzard to court.

The State Court Administrative Office, an agency of the Michigan Supreme Court, this week contacted Eastpointe District Judge Norene Redmond about the dogs, said agency spokeswoman Marcia McBrien.

"Animals don't understand that court proceedings are not to be disturbed," McBrien told The Detroit News for a story Thursday. "Courtrooms are serious places, and respect for the court needs to be maintained. Dogs and other pets can inject a note of informality. That was not appropriate."

Redmond said last week that she saw no problems with bringing dogs to court, something she has done occasionally since 2004.

The dogs brought calm to the tense courtroom and were an attraction for schoolchildren, police officers and attorneys, she said.

"The employees love having the dog. It brings a sense of happiness," she said. "Everybody who frequents this court knows it's a pet-friendly workplace."

The state agency learned of several complaints about the dogs. One came from a lawyer for Eastpointe.

McBrien said she has been told the judge will comply with the order. Redmond declined comment.



I will precursor this with the fact that I have a black Labrador who sheds like nobody's business and makes my lack of housekeeping time very obvious...

I went to the dentist the other day and the receptionist had her little dog there, I must admit I was taken aback. It's not a big surgery I think there's only the three of them there normally, but you'd think being a "surgery" you'd not want to have a walking, dirty, bug carrying, rug about the place.

I like dogs at labourer type places, the wreckers, the timberyard, the gardener's dog... that sort of thing. It fits.


I stumbled upon your blog while I was doing some online research. While I am a dog lover, I understand that, in most situations, having dogs at work is not really practical. So many people have health concerns such as allergies and asthma or are simply afraid of animals. I agree that, in small companies, or where there is not a lot of public contact, having a dog around is a great stress reliever.

Judy Adams

thank-you pmj for your comment that "I think every good bookstore should have a cat" I run a used book store for the library in our town and great controversy over the presence of 2 well behaved cats caused them to be removed. We have a through and efficient cleaning staff, a hepa vacuum and 4 room size hepa filters that run 24/7 not only for the pet dander but the mold contained in this very old building. This was not enough for a very vocal minority and we were harassed into removing the well-loved cats.


Lets ban perfume too. There are people allergic to that and some people use way too much. Microwave popcorn, that is annoying too. Other foods such as Fish are a distraction when eaten at their desk. Can you see how silly that is and how it can spiral out of control?
We have a dog in our office and everyone loves her. It really seems to brighten the day of dog lovers and non dog lovers can just walk past.


I'm very allergic to plants. We need to ban plants at work...

Just because you have a dog doesn't mean you should take it to work. If he/she is not good with other people and dogs leave them a home. I love taking my dog to work, she simply sleeps under my desk. The HR department told me last week that it was "common sense not to bring my dog to work". I can and do take my dog to the hospital to visit patients frequently. Common sense? Talk about a narrow HR rep.


I work at an office that houses several radio stations. I have severe allergies with pet dander. I can't even be in the same building with them. I hate it becuase I love dogs and cats and would love to have my own. The radio station has allowed dogs in the building and I've always been met with shrugged shoulders and indifference. It's like they think I'm making this up. One gentleman has been bringing in his dog every day and I've noticed that my allergies are off the charts. My lungs and my nose burn. My doctor informed me that the heating ducts pick up pet dander and they stay in there for up to 6 months after the dog is removed. I wish people were more understanding of the situations that co-workers like myself face. I was even married to a woman who refused to tell her daughter to keep her albino Doberman in the kennel even though I was so allergic to this dog that I would begin experiencing breathing problems 30 minutes after he was at my home. Needless to say, we're not together anymore. It's like people with cancer, no one really understands what the person goes through unless they experience it themselves. I feel for pet owners, I know they hate to see their animals shut up in the house for long periods. I would suggest to do what my sister does, she uses a pet caring service who comes to your home to walk and spend time with your dog. That way, the dog is happy and so will your allergic co-workers. Sometimes these allergies can be life threatening. Asthma in particular, can be fatal.


Don't get me wrong, I love dogs but, the workplace is for the people that are hired to work for the company. Not dogs, unless your business has something to do with pets.
Dogs want and need attention. When you allow pets in the workplace you create a distraction that can cause the company to lose productivity. If you are a business that gets customer traffic, you should be aware that some people are afraid of animals and that could set off your dog.
Work is a place that you get paid to do a job. It's is not the park. If your workplace allows dogs, than flip flops,shorts,t shirts,bed head,smoking,and drinking alcohol should be aloud, because this is comforting and relaxing for some people.


my dog regularly comes to work, customers love him, emloyees cant get enough of him. Hes 40 pounds and extremely sweet, quiet and obedient. He is a registered Canine Good Citizen.

This post/article is by someone who is ignorant....like the kind of people that say all kids are obnoxious. You can't generalize. A dogs behavior is 99% due to how the owner trained the dog. So generalize and say all dogs are allowed, could be difficult, but well mannered dogs is another story.

Obviously if someone is afraid of dogs or allergic, bringing the dog would simply be rude and inconsiderate.

But to generalize so negatively is ignorant.

David G.

Everyone here is making some good points. I bring my dog into an office setting but she had to pass a "trial period" (just like any employee) where her behavior was assessed and people were given the chance to object or just comment. The response to the positive was overwhelming, in an office of 50ish people, 3 were indifferent (possibly a little aprehensive but made no complaints) and have since warmed up to her and one person who actively dislikes dogs but says Breagha is okay. Everyone else dotes on her and says that her presence is a high point whenever she can come in. The main difference I see is that it's largely dependant on the dog/breed/training on whether a pet should be allowed in a workplace. A well trained (quiet, being part of that), friendly dog can do wonders for morale, can actually increase productivity and we even found that people say they are more likely to put in overtime if Breagha is around. Allergies I understand can be an issue but after growing up with a bad allergy to perfumes I learned that sometimes my runny nose didn't matter all that much compared to people exercising free will, I am after all only one person and I WILL NOT ruin it for others.


I work on a surgical floor in a hospital. I was on the other day and someone just brought there dog up to 'visit' with a patient. With no regard to other patients who may have respiratory problems that are triggered by dogs. I was shocked at how irresponsible people can be about their pets. It is very nice that they love their animals, but then they bring them into the health care setting, or even a professional business, they are irresponsibly harming others. Shame on them! If you love animals, have them. Don't force them on everyone else -- especially those you might be making ill.

jordan 2

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I work for a company that allows its employees to bring their dogs to work. There are about 150 employees and between 5 and 10 dogs here every day. Most are well behaved, but it's just too doggy here to be pleasant. To me it's the difference between visiting someone who has a dog and visiting someone who has a lot of dogs. Big difference.


Dogs do not belong in the workplace period. They're nasty , and carry parasites in their shit. And people should not just assume that "everybody" loves their damn dog. If anyone in the workplace has an allergy to a pets, plants or perfumes, then these things should not be allowed either. The workplace is for work with out distrations, not Your personal egotistical agenda.


When I was hired, we had two fat, complacent pugs. And ten people. No problem. Now we have 100 people, and five ill-behaved, smelly dogs that shit all over the office. One of the dogs HATES kids, so when a co-worker or client stops by with a small one, the dog goes INSANE. What pisses me off is that the owner, and the co-workers in her vicinity, coo and coddle the DOG, while the child is cowering in fear. F**k the dog. Dogs are great, and therapeutic, and cute, but they will EAT YOU when you die...they do NOT trump a child or another human. If I shit all over the floor, no one would coo over me at work, for sure...lame.

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