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Last line made me smile. Glad you're feeling better.

They can be an important factor in allowing someone to function. Sadly, there are people out there (many of them being popular media personalities) who do not understand the necessity for some people to take medications just to function. No one likes to take pills (yeah, all right, some people do enjoy it, but they are not necessiarily the subject of this line of thinking - or, are they?). Ask a diabetic whether they enjoy having to inject themselves with insulin. It's necessary for survival. The same can be true with anti-depressants.

More significant is the stigma attached to mental health. Generally speaking, the person with high cholesterol isn't told to just get over it (though, if they are overweight, other comments may be made -- the first friend of mine diagnosed with dangerously high cholesterol was in his mid-20's, thin as a rail, and exercised regularly, so much for the stereotypes).

As with any medication, anti-depressants can be over-prescribed or misused. They also allow many people to function within society.


Any medication properly used can be a good thing. Unfortunately, IMHO, this country over medicates and treats too many things by treating the symptoms rather than the underlying causes.


One would hope that the medical folks would have screened for underlying causes (glandular, hormonal, neural, disease, environmental, whatever) first before prescribing anti-depressants.


Antidepressants can be a powerful tool for those stuck in a deep well that just cannot get out. Antidepressants probably shouldn't be used alone - a good therapist is a must. I liken anti-depressants to glasses - they help make things clearer so you can sort things out. Sure, our society here in North America probably has a bigger issue with depression than other societies - but look at what we what we view as "normal": Reality TV, stick thin women as perfect and happy, academically perfect children, perfect boobs, great sex, perfect homes blah....Who can keep up? I'd be depressed too!

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