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Related, but slightly different question - do you keep your bar membership current?


Your head misses the law at times.
Your wallet misses the law at times.
Does your heart miss the law?


Do you recommend the book?

Carol Anne

I don't know whether you've seen the movie Good Will Hunting ... Robin Williams' character is a major genius, but he's chosen to teach low-level courses at a community college. Essentially, he's called it quits on the academic rat race. He tells everybody that he's happy at the community college, that he doesn't want anything more.

I don't like the end of the movie. People and events come together to convince the character that he is wasting his time at the community college, and he rejoins the rat race.

I really believe I am happy teaching developmental courses at a community college. Yeah, I may have the intellectual wherewithal to get into major academic scrimmages. But that's not me. I like helping students, especially the ones who have been told all their lives how stupid they are, to discover their potential, that they're not the least bit stupid, that writing isn't about getting the grammar perfect, but it is about telling a story.

Sure, I could finish up my thesis, get my degree, and get onto tenure track at some prestigious institution somewhere. But then I wouldn't be showing the teenage single mom or the recovering drug addict or the too-sudden unprepared widow how to find their voices and go on with life.

There are also lots of hot single guy lawyers out there you would be running into on a daily basis. Do you miss that aspect?!


If you keep your bar membership current, could you match up with a pro bono provider organization and stay involved on a small scale with legal work?

Have you ever considered teaching/tutoring legal writing?


Bravo Sherry...

Carol Anne's point about the rat race is quite true—the rat race isn't all that it is cracked up to be. I'm glad both of you are out of it.. Even though the legal profession can pay quite well, many of my lawyer friends say that the costs otherwise can be quite high.

There is more to life than money. The most important things in life can't be bought, even if some people still think they can. Do what you truly love, instead of what will make others happy.

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