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What is your view on anti-depression medication in general? Soma pill, necessary evil, part of the solution, or other?


What are your thoughts on dogs in the workplace? Yea or nay?

This one is kind of silly: what kind of shoes do you wear? You do a lot of different things... so I'm wondering what you look for in shoes and if you're happy with the ones you have.


A comment on my blog a few days ago said, "It is possible to take less experienced sailors (or even non-sailors) and turn them into good sailors at the college level with some actual coaching. While I was in college, Fran Charles and Kyle Welch coached a non-sailor into an All-American skipper."

If you were faced with the challenge of turning a non-sailor into an All-American skipper what personal qualities in the student concerned would be the most important, in your view, in making this achievement possible?

mr. fun ball

A small sailboat (say...a sunfish) and a john boat are magically transformed into people, still maintaining all their previous form's "personalities," and told to duke it out. Please describe the fight, their different fighting styles, and tell us who wins.

(As if the shoe question was silly...)

Also, what's your favorite pie?


Did you ever have trouble focusing on a legal assignment? if so, how did you get through it?


How do you know when you should let go of something? When do you stop caring and believing, or do you always try depite the anguish?


Do you believe all actions should be spontaneous, stemming from the "real you?" Or that you should decide who you want to be and then just do it? Or can these two views be reconciled? I feel like they can be reconciled, but I haven't figured it out yet. It seems like the problem with option one is that the real me wants to watch a lot of bad tv. And the problem with option two is that I miss a lot and end up places I don't want to be when I try to force myself to fit some preconceived, idealized self-concept.


How important is sex to a relationship? Have you ever had a relationship that was really great in almost all aspects, except the sexual part? Not that the sex wasn't good, but that one person didn't want it nearly as much as the other?

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