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Ah! Thank you, thank you, thank you for putting into words exactly how I'm feeling about wedding season.


I just wanted to speak to one of your concerns, which is the gift-giving. Having just gotten married, let me reassure you that giving a gift should not be a point of stress. Most of the gifts we got were straight off our registry, without so much as personal wrapping or even a note card. And you know what? That was totally wonderful. We put things on the registry that we really wanted--and when someone gave us something that wasn't on the registry, more often than not, we were (quite secretly, and guiltily) a bit disappointed. All of this is just to say that if you write a personal note, and buy something straight from the registry, you will already have been wonderfully successful gift-giver. And the brides will be most grateful.

This is an order. Cross the gift off the list as something causing dread- it just shouldn't especially if it is related to financial restrictions. Something personalized and heartfelt (like a framed photo you turned black & white; or a beautiful note written by you in the front of a blank scrapbook) would be FAR more meaningful than a spoon and dish cloth off a registry. Anyone who would rather have a material object hasn't earned the honor of your presence. The day should be about so much more than something off a registry.

SO many people I know have met their significant other at a wedding, entering the event with the same sentiments you expressed. Hang in there. Mr. Right may be there feeling the same way. What does the Committee think about this?


If you think of them as "divorce preparation ceremonies" rather than "pageants that celebrate couplehood", perhaps you will find your single status more pleasant. It's sort of the equivalent of "imagining the audience in their underwear" while public speaking.


Observe the couples attending the weddings and think about some of the drawbacks of being part of a couple. True, there are advantages and many pleasantries, but being single has its advantages and happy times, too. Enjoy those while you have them.


I've been to scores of weddings, and here's a fact: The more the wedding costs the greater the likelihood that it will result in divorce. The same no doubt holds true for the cost of wedding gifts. So...give a poem, give a photo, give a toast. You'll be doing the couple a favor in the long run.


This is how I now feel about Baby Showers. I don't permit myself to buy cute baby clothes as gifts anymore. Only practical and very unadorable things.


I am still hopeful to be a member of your dating Committee.

As such, I recommend going to each of these weddings by yourself as weddings are fabulous places to meet members of the opposite sex.

You have the people who are single now. Plus, you have the soon-to-be single crowd as well. You can scope out the soon-to-be single crowd to see who can dance, who fights fair, who is considerate, etc.


Sounds perhaps strange, but even those of us in the throes of planning our own weddings (supposedly full of mutual admiration, love, romantic bliss) find "wedding season" somewhat unbearable at times. At its best, it's a reminder of how in love you are, and how rose-colored teh world really can be. At worst, it trivializes and makes routine all of the hours and hours and hours of often stressful planning you're engaged in, making you feel like you're in the process of planning... oh, yeah... another wedding.

So, rest assurred, it's not just a single thing that makes wedding season a little crazy.

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