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Carol Anne

You write:

I have NOT been exercising, much. I have NOT been writing, much. I have NOT been sailing, much. Need to change all three of these things.

Yeah, me too. I've been feeling dragged out and bummed out and just not very energetic. I need to take the trash out (which, in a rural area, means a 5-mile drive); I need to finish painting my new boat trailer (Pat got the registration done, and the paperwork says it is black, which means it shouldn't be half black and half primer grey); I need to get more exercise. I just learned that Zorro's boat that's still in the water suffered some mast damage, so I've now got the only functioning Etchells within about 1000 miles. Meanwhile, my digestive system has decided to make life difficult (it often does when I'm short on sleep), so I'm leaning on the Imodium.

Yeah. I need to get out and exercise. I need to get out and sail. I need to write -- if for no other reason than that I have to come up with some episodes of Wizards for my loyal fans before I run out of what I wrote last October.

But, have you taken the dog boating?


Furling someone else's jib sounds kinda covetous and lustful. :)


I was thinking that we might see another post with a plan for how and when you'll be doing more sailing, writing, and exercising - could help?


I have a very good friend who is desperate to locate your podcast. Can you point her to the location from which to download?

Your friend, TPBOW

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