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Ah gee, now you've teased us unmercifully and we have a kid who may be on his way to college in two years. Would you consider keeping a record and then spilling the beans if you ever (again) change careers? Or, maybe you could write a post confined to the _good_ things that applicants and parents have said and done. That might be less entertaining than the gaffes, but still good stuff.

Now, if we _were_ to try to influence a coach based on the notion that it would have much impact on admissions, it would probably involve beer, chocolate, team support, volunteer work, a search for common goals and interests, an extended conversation to learn whether our student and the college and program were a good fit, and, gasp, shudder, actually listening to the coach, admissions folks, and students/team members ...


Very cruel to tease your loyal readers that way. :D

Do you put tempting treats within reach of your puppy, and then not let the pup have a taste, too.

Carol Anne

If nothing else, I would think you could at least give examples of what does NOT work, because that would reduce the workload of the admissions people who have to plow through the applications of hundreds of unqualifiquied applicants.

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