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Good luck with the mast replacement-- what a nightmare!! I hope everything works out.

Carol Anne

It took a couple of months, but Zorro's insurance company did finally come through with a check to pay for a new mast. The most frustrating part of the process for him was that he made appointment after appointment with the insurance adjuster, and the adjuster kept failing to show up. I think he may have finally talked the insurance company into taking his word that the mast was a total loss, rather than waiting for the adjuster's say-so -- after all, Zorro had all the pictures I took the day it broke. Plus he does rather have the gift of gab and can charm people into seeing things his way.

Keep leaning on the insurance company. Of course, it's probably easier for a boat-insurance adjuster to get to Maine than to El Paso -- you probably have one fairly near by.

And in the meantime, if you are desperate to sail on an Etchells, you're welcome to come out West and sail with me any time, and Zorro probably wouldn't mind having you on his boat, either.


But of course... don't think it's sheepish.

You're wonderful! Brilliant.


What a great idea - I'm happy to help you out - even if your insurance company does come through, take yourself out for coffee on me or put it in the fund for the garbage disposal.

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