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Regarding Lewis, you might be interested in this if you haven't already read it:



I have to call you out on this statement:

"some of us are born with a sunny disposition, a tendency toward optimism and extroversion and contentment, and others aren't."

You are showing a bias that a lot of well meaning (but thoughtless) extraverts have, that extraverts are happier and more pleasant than introverts. You should know better than that.


Enjoy TEWWG -- please report back on book group, I'm a big fan of that book, and think it leads to some very interesting conversations.


Mere Christianity is a difficult read because they were written to be read aloud - the book is a series of radio addresses - and although Lewis is one of my favorite authors of all time - I fall asleep everytime I pick up MC.

Surprised by Joy and The Screwtape Letters are much easier reads.


Charlise, I agree...I would also recommend Lewis's "The Great Divorce".

Good point, Bill...extroverts aren't always happier, and introverts aren't always more depressive. I've met some extroverts who swing from highs to lows, and some very steady and content introverts.

Sheri, good on you for being honest about your journey. Sounds to me like God is wooing you. That's pretty cool...


check out http://www.happinessproject.typepad.com/happiness_project/

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