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More about your housemate?


How's the hunt for a new mast going?


Check e-mail from a week or so ago. :-)


What's led you to the realization that "you're not that smart?"


Are you enjoying being more of a girly girl, of late? Or is it more like another chore? Have you noticed people relating to you any differently on days when you put more time and attention into your appearance? Does that become the focus? Do people make assumptiosn about you? In the North, I think when I dress up more people I don't know are more likely to assume that I am not smart, and, for example, try to charge me for the largest coffee when I ordered the small, or talk to me like I'm a little girl. BUT, I also think that when I have, say, a fresh and perfect pedicure, I feel so good that it positively affects the way I present myself to the world too. So maybe it all evens out. Or maybe it's all in my head... And I'm not even sure this is a request anymore :) If you can do something with it, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the subject of making a deliberate choice to be more well/groomed/attractive (although of course you do look beautiful au-naturel as well), and how that affects your interactions with the world around you. Phew....


Are you still involved with LexThink?


Would you recommend moving to Portland?

can you say anything deep about unrequited love? That is, other then -move on, keep busy, date others, etc - any thoughts on how to let go, and not feel inadequate and undesirable, when the one you love loves someone else??

What topics would you most like to write about, assuming you've been hired for that purpose by the appropriate media.

Are there any classes at the college that you're thinking about taking in the fall?


How do you know where you are suppose to be and what you are suppose to be doing?

Ooh, I like Courtney's request.

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