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I've always liked the photos in the Title 9 catalog. There's a lot involved, I'm sure, but one of the things about them is that I can always believe that they actually look that good; nearly every other "model" shot I find myself wondering how much work it took to get them there.


That's such a great catalog. I just ordered a new sports bra from there that I totally adore (I already had it in another color). Hooray Title 9!


Just remember Sherry, that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder...and that different people will have different ideas of what is beautiful. Modern American social norms of what is beautiful are very unrealistic in many ways.

mr. NBT

I think you're pretty.


mr. NBT is too cute. (not to mention right: i think you're pretty, too!)


Are you kidding me? You ARE beautiful - great bone structure, really fit, and the kind of blond hair that gets sooooo sleek looking. I've learned to enjoy how I look, but I've always really wanted to be your type. Glad you're having fun with it now. I get what you're saying about the Title 9 catalouge. I think something people forget is that you only have to be attractive as you are - those are always the hottest people. I mean, think Julianne Marguelesse(?) the one who was on ER, who you always remember, versus someone like Kelly Preston, who looks perfect, but also sort of forgettable because she's just like everyone else. That's actually what I think makes the difference between fun and shallow: trying to look like the most attractive version of yourself possible as opposed to trying to look like a fembot. Oh, and I highly recommend the eyelash tinting! And Stila's fresh lip gloss!


The women in the Title 9 catalog verge on being too perfect -- beautiful plus "works for world peace, backpacked through the Andes teaching ice climbing, and favorite car is an Aston Martin she restored herself." But they're probably better role models than the run-of-the-mill catalog models.

Isaac Laquedem

You undervalue yourself! There's a parallel between the myth of "not that smart" and the myth of "not that pretty."

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