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It's just a small return on the pleasure we get from reading your posts. Here's one [anonymous] vote for "go ahead and spend it on whatever." Heck, add a sixpack to the list.


I just like the fact that you can add the bare word "Fraculator!" to the list and either (a) know what it signifies to you, or (b) expect other people to know, or (c) both.


I like that the number 1 item on the repair list is the beer opener. You're my kind of girl! My small donation, which you are more than welcome to keep, should cover that one.


No sense in having you sail a boat that is in need of repair...might even damage the replacement mast doing that...so I'd have to agree that the boat repairs are a good choice.

After all, sailing is one of the major reasons we read your blog...and if you don't take care of your boat....you can't keep sailing it.

The house repairs are pretty key too. Need to keep the roof over the head of one of our favorite bloggers sound and reliable.


Please do keep it and use it for boat and house repairs!


I agree. Please, do use it as you like, boat/house/lawn, etc.... The money pales in comparision to... well, everything.

Your blog brightens my working day, so use the money from the latter for whatever keeps you writing the former :-)

Carol Anne

1. Absolutely essential.
2. I'm getting really good at trailer stuff, so if you need my help, drop me a line.
4. My tiller needs the same.
9. Why limit your choices to Newport and Marblehead? Dillon and Elephant Butte are fun, too.
15. Yeah, that's another part of the Etchells mystique. Ya gotta have a fraculator.
18. Not only do you need a bilge pump; no two Etchells have it in the same place, so you'll have to be creative when you install yours. Mine's forward, and the outlet hose was originally at the front of the elevated part of the deck in front of the mast; a previous owner of my boat relocated the outlet more forward so that it interferes with the jib tack adjustment lines.
21. You're kidding. Who would have thought that chainplates might need attention?


Just out of couriosity, how much purcase do you have on your traveler? Mom's has a 2-1 purchase, 438 has a 5-1 system, and Larry (38) has a 4-1 with dried bearings in the car!

Ted Johnston CEO GMP

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Perry Degener

Can penetrating epoxy recover the tensile strength of a bottom that is made from marine plywood? How will it penetrate the many layers? Is it worth it to try?

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