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Oh Sherry, you know what they say -- one lawyer in a town starves; two lawyers in a town prosper.

Carol Anne

I have heard many people say that the defining characteristic of a prospective girlfriend or boyfriend is that the person accepts one's dog or cat. In your case, you need to find someone who accepts your boat. I'm sure the right person exists somewhere, but it might take some time for you and that person to find each other.

Meanwhile, keep on sailing that boat and have as much fun on it as you possibly can.


I used to think the same thing about my profession: sculptor. I think the defining thing is, be who you are. You'll be embraced for everything you are - boat included - by the right person.

But what's so hard about a boat? Why is it any different than say, you were a soccer player and had games every week? What am I missing?


When you find the right person, you will know it. They will be the one who encourages your love of sailing, and does not fear it, even if they do not share it. Unconditional love is very much that way, wanting to help your partner succeed in their dreams, and doing everything you can to help them do so.

I drove 6500 miles and spent six months away from Gee because I never wanted her to regret not moving to Seattle.

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