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Happy sailing!!


I am always amused by the name of your sailing team Hooked on Tonics... a couple of weeks ago I was in Gloucester and saw a boat that reminded me of you guys, "Fin and Tonic" Alas it was a motor craft not a sailboat.

Looked like you had a whole bunch of headstay sag, and a full jib. Downwind, the stick was a bit inverted. Putting it together, I'd suggest that the uppers were too loose (or the lowers too tight). Probably the former, since your point was not the best. But then, how did the main look to you? Just a thought from your wacko RC.


Shoulda read your post more carefully. You might consider sliding the butt -ahead-, which will tighten the headstay. If the helm felt really neutral, that might be the ticket.


I wonder if replacing the starboard jib block may make a difference.

I have no idea what I'm talking about.

Carol Anne

I'm not anywhere near the point of worrying whether my butt is too far back, but I must agree with you that the Etchells has a mystique. Those who don't know what it is are awestruck (awestricken?) by its looks, while those who do know give the impression that they are honored to be in its presence.

I got my PHRF rating for the Dillon Open Regatta, and it's scary. I have to give time -- lots of time -- to every other boat on this lake, except maybe a couple of multihulls. And that's even with a motor hanging off the back of the boat.

The Etchells mystique works both ways.

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