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Here at the University, coaches sometimes/often offer the phys ed classes. This spring, two of my CS professors were coming to the swimming class I was at; one of them was training for a triathlon. That avenue would be tough for you considering how far away your venue is from campus, but maybe there's a way to make it work. (It also depends on the faculty reaching out, of course...)


Could the sailing team have "take a professor sailing" days?


Maybe the professors aren't so overwhelmingly bright if they'd turn down a lobstah dinner? But, then, I had to drive 300 miles round trip to sail yesterday after work and live 800 miles from the nearest coast.

Isaac Laquedem

"The president came by and accused the tennis coach of trying to kill some first year students. Just doing our fitness test, said the coach. There's always some vomiting after the sprints."

I like this little touch in the middle of your description of the faculty party; it's almost as if Anonymous Law Firm sent one of its alumni to coach tennis.

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