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Sounds pretty gross--naive, I guess, but I
didnt realize they were THAT blatant about it


Unfortunately, some of the recruiters can stray rather far. Carol Anne can tell the story of a high-school friend of hers (honors student and quarterback) who was recruited by coaches at a large state university. One of the wonderful things they told him was, "Don't worry too much about your classes. If any of those professors give you any trouble, just call us and we'll fix things."

Dan Tudor

Hi, Sherry.

Boy, you never know what you'll find when you Google your company's name! :-)

First, thanks for not unsubscribing to the newsletter. I think you made the right call in following your gut on that one.

Second, thanks for posting your thoughts on our training and our organization. You might find it surprising that I actually agree with you on several points:

First, I also don't like the model of recruiting as a sales process. However, it is. So what we do is basically help coaches deal with that reality in the most professional way possible, and in a way that uses proven communication and sales skills to get the athletes they need for their program. Until the NCAA drastically changes the way recruiting is done at most levels, it will remain a sales process.

Secondly, I also agree that you might be less likely to need some of the skills that we teach given the highly unique nature of your sport, as well as the unique qualities and standing of the college that you coach for. You may not need 90% of what we cover (that 10% might be pretty important, though).

You had a phrase in your post which I think hits home the real point of what we do, and why we do it:

"I stay subscribed because it reminds me to think about my own recruiting strategy and methods. It reminds me to be systematic about tracking responses and inquiries and applications."

That's what it's all about. Not all coaches will need or use the specific tips that we recommend, but almost all of them will be challenged to think about what we're saying. It sounds like you get that, which is wonderful.

I will disagree with one statement you made:

"I hate the idea of coaches reading the newsletter the way it seems to be intended (e.g. "use our techniques to overcome objections," as though this -- a high school student's decision about where to go to college -- is a used car sale)."

Ouch! A used car sale? :-)

Here's what we do: There are specific ways to communicate your point to prospects and parents that will make them more likely to more completely understand what it is you want them to know. Many coaches, for example, spend most of their time in recruiting an athlete listing their programs features and benefits to a prospect. But for most student-athletes, they have a lot of trouble connecting those benefit points to themselves so that they see clearly how the positive aspects of a program will impact their life. Used car sales people will stick to listing the benefits and features of the car they're selling. Here at Selling for Coaches, we teach in-depth communication skills and techniques to help a prospect understand why a school may be the perfect fit for them. We consider good sales, recruiting and communication skills to be essential skill-sets for today's college coach (at least those that don't want to lose their jobs because of poor recruiting and poor coaching, and actually end up selling used cars...which was the true story of the person we bought our last car from).

All of the ideals you expressed in your great post about what the real role of a college coach should be are 100% on the mark. However, I can make the case that if a coach does not master skillful communication and interpersonal skills with the athletes they recruit to their programs, that coach will never get the opportunity to make a positive impact in the life of that student-athlete.

Sherry, thanks again for your thoughts. I loved reading them, and hopefully I was able to clarify more of the way we approach working with coaches.

Fellow blogger,

Dan Tudor, Selling for Coaches

P.S. Theo..."gross" and "naive"? Nothing gross or naive at all about helping coaches, and I could give you the numbers of many that would sing our praises for the way that we have assisted them and built up their confidence for communicating with prospects. We have close to 14,000 college coaches who subscribe to the free newsletter, most of whom have been subscribed by their athletic departments.

P.P.S. Pat, those are the types of recruiters we're trying to reform. That practice you described gives college sports and college recruiting a horrible name, as you know. We never teach manipulative or unethical practices.

Bryan Gasser

I got a chance to sit through one of Dan Tudor's "Selling for coaches" seminars, and I felt that his message was very impactful. The part I took home the most was his tips on how to better market your program, and how to help promote the postives that are alive with your program but not visible to the high school prospects. I worked with a Div III football program that was part of a highly-competitive Athletic Department, and as a staff we felt many of the messages that Dan relayed could be extremely beneficial to our recruiting strategy.

At no point in his presentation did I feel like he was trying to convince us that our University was a used car lot and that we needed to hide our flaws and push a poor product on some naive recruit. Instead, he actually talked about how you should be upfront about what many perceive to be program setbacks, and discuss how these setbacks can be a positive for your program.

I'm glad to hear you still follow their weekly newsletter, as I find their approach to critically analyze the way we recruit, and provides solutions and tips on how to be a more effective recruiter. Also, they do their homework and research student-athletes through interviews and questionnaires to find out how they made their college decision and what things helped shape that decision.

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"For years I thought what was good for our country was good for General Motors, and vice versa."

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I hate the idea of coaches reading the newsletter the way it seems to be intended

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OK, I'm bowing to your pressure... Sales skills for coaches won out over social media and networking....hands down! And I guess that's because most coaches.


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