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It's never interested me before but I'm ready, now, to learn a lot more about bigger boats, bigger seas, longer distances.

What a good way to sum up everything you've got going on right now (NBT, Home Repair, Sailing, Life...)


The boats don't have to be all that big to go on long bluewater passages. I'd recommend you take a look at www.sailfar.net, which is for smaller boat sailors who want to go on longer voyages.


As someone who knows you/your thoughts only through this blog, it strikes me that you seem particularly connected to where you are, your community and connections there, and your passion for sailing. For those reasons, I think, it makes me a little sad to think of you moving away from all of the things that seem to make you happiest.


Have you ever lived outside of Portland, besides when you were at Yale? I'm curious because I sometimes wonder why you haven't branched out and tried to live outside of Maine. I was very happy when I lived there, and thought it was the best place in the world, yet I reached a point where I thought to myself, I've been here long enough, and would like a change. I was recently speaking to a friend who also left Portland for another city, and we both thought that sometimes you can get in a rut living in the same place for too long, especially the town where you grew up.

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