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The best you can ask for in a relationship is to be loved unconditionally—that you should be loved for who you are, without any reservations. Unrequited love is pretty much the last thing you want to see, IMHO, as the person doesn't care enough about you to love you or hate you... Indifference is the real opposite of love. To love or hate, you must care about the person. To be indifferent is far worse.

James Ratzloff

This is a tough one. I know I don't have much to offer, other than 2nd the good advice you gave:

" take care of yourself, date other people, be kind to the people around you, do something that makes you happy and do something that makes you feel beautiful, like your best self, once a day if you can.

There are worse things than being lonely - lying beside someone who doesnt love you could be one.

We are shaped by our successes and failures, by our happiness and suffering. An accepting attitude towards all of it might be wise, open to all that defines our humanity


"I know you know that just because a particular person doesn't love you back, at the same time you are able to love him/her, it doesn't mean you're unloveable. It really doesn't."

I like that. More people should read that again and again.


Thanks for the nice thought.

I really feel bad today about the feeling of unrequited love and happen to find your writing by chance. It really makes me feel a lot better.

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It's not about getting over a person, it's about feeling good about yourself. ... True love gives and expects nothing in return; a true unrequited love. So, I've moved .

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