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Do you know her parent(s) to say hello? That tends to eliminate creepiness in the relationship (although the girl might still ultimately and independently conclude you're "weird" or "old").
And I assume this stuff is unopened, right? Half-used beauty products re-introduce the creepiness factor.


Not nearly half as creepy as if you were a man offering her beauty products...


Or if you were a man accepting them...


I agree with bill, you can only offer them to her if they are packaged and unopened. Otherwise you'll have to toss them. Sounds wasteful, but anything else is gross.


Yeah, I really wouldn't offer it to her. What about donating the things to a domestic violence shelter?


How about donating them to the animal shelter where you got Lila?

Carol Anne

Unopened, the products can go to a domestic-violence shelter. Opened, they have to go to the trash.

Rayne of Terror

At my job prior to law school we had a product swap every few months. Everyone brought in products they bought and used once or twice and didn't like. We set it all out on a table and it was up for grabs by anyone in the office. It was fun and all the products were usually taken quickly. I don't think makeup was ever on the table, mostly facewash and hair products.


I'd agree that donating the stuff, and only if it is unopened, to a domestic violence or women's shelter is a great idea.

If you're on a more than acquaintance basis with the girl, it might be nice if you said that she could look through the selection and pick anything she liked, but if you're only barely acquainted with her that might seem a bit creepy.

BTW, have you introduced her to Lila??


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